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Emergency Dentistry

Broken and missing teeth are more than just painful annoyances. They’re dental emergencies that should be taken care of as soon as possible. If you’ve suffered a dental injury or have been experiencing chronic tooth pain in Rothschild, Schofield or Weston, call (715) 355-4433 today!

Emergency dentistry in Rothschild

What to do during a

Dental Emergency

If you break a tooth, lose a tooth, or feel severe pain in your mouth, you’ll want to come into Skutak Dental as soon as possible. Call Dr. Skutak to schedule a same-day appointment, and our team can give you recommendations on how to help yourself until we can treat you.

For pain, you can take over the counter medication, like ibuprofen, to reduce swelling. You can also use ice on the outside of your mouth. In the case of a broken or lost tooth, do your best to recover missing teeth or pieces of teeth. Rinse them off with clean water, taking care not to handle them too much, and store them in a clean container with your saliva or some milk. It’s critical that the tooth or pieces do not dry out. If you are bleeding, apply gentle pressure with sterile gauze to the affected area. If the bleeding doesn’t stop within a few hours, or worsens, you may want to consider going to an urgent care center or emergency room.

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Same Day Care

The team at Skutak Dental believes all our patients deserve the best, especially when they need care the most. That’s why we offer same-day appointments for those in dental emergencies in Rothschild, Wausau and surrounding areas. We’ll do everything we can to repair broken and missing teeth, and get to the bottom of any chronic pain, so you can get back to smiling. Just give us a call.

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Whatever your dental emergency may be, staying calm will make the problem easier to manage. Acting fast will increase the likelihood of saving your tooth, and the sooner you call Dr. Skutak, the sooner you can get out of pain. Contact us today or come into the office at 700 Eagle Nest Boulevard, Suite E, Rothschild, WI 54474 for a same day appointment. We’re happy to help you today!

What To Do About

A Severe Toothache

A serious toothache counts as a dental emergency, so start by giving us a calland scheduling a same-day appointment at Skutak Dental. If you have a serious toothache, this likely indicates that you have either a very deep cavity that could become infected, or that your tooth has already developed an infection.

So don’t wait. You need root canal therapy right away to save your tooth and preserve your smile. Dr. Skutak will diagnose your issue, provide you with the treatment you need, and provide you with relief from your pain and discomfort.

What To Do About

A Loose Or Knocked-Out Tooth

A very loose or knocked-out tooth is an extremely urgent dental emergency. If your tooth has been knocked out or knocked loose by dental trauma, Dr. Skutak will have to splint it back into the socket within 1-2 hours to save it.

If you wait too long, the tooth will die and you won’t be able to have it replaced. Call us immediately to schedule your appointment. Then, recover your tooth if it’s been knocked out. You can rinse it to remove any debris. Then, you should put it back into the socket or into a container of cold milk to keep it moist. Do not let it dry out, or it will die.

Come to our office as soon as you can. Don’t waste time trying to treat your pain or discomfort of your own. The sooner you get help, the better the odds are that Dr. Skutak will be able to save your tooth and restore your smile.

What To Do About

Loose Or Lost Dental Work

If you have a loose or pulled-out filling or crown, or any other damaged dental work, this qualifies as a serious dental emergency. This is because your dental work is covering up weak, vulnerable enamel that is not meant to be exposed.

If you don’t get your dental work replaced immediately, you could experience tooth damage or decay. Teeth with pulled-out fillings or crowns can also be quite painful or sensitive, and interfere with your day-to-day life.

Contact us to get the help you need. Recover your dental work and put it in a plastic bag, and bring it in with you so that Dr. Skutak can look at it, determine the cause of your pulled-out filling or crown, and replace it to protect your smile and your oral health.

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What To Do About

Broken, Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Whether you chip or break a tooth on a piece of food, or you experience dental trauma from a slip and fall or another accident, a broken, cracked, or chipped tooth is a serious dental emergency.

Even a minor crack or fracture could cause a tooth infection if it’s deep enough, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. So call us at (715) 355-4433 or contact us online. At your same-day appointment, Dr. Skutak can examine your tooth, and recommend the right treatment to protect your smile. 

Until you come in, you can treat pain with over-the-counter pain relievers. Bleeding, if present, can be absorbed with clean gauze or paper towels, using firm and gentle pressure. Applying an ice pack to the outside of the face may also help with discomfort and swelling. 

However, all of these solutions are temporary. Do not waste any time, and come to Skutak Dental to see Dr. Lisa Skutak as soon as you can to restore your broken tooth permanently.

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