Use Your Dental Benefits by the End of the Year (or Lose Them!)

If you’re thinking about scheduling a dentist’s appointment before the end of the year, Dr. Skutak is here to help. Our team provides excellent dental care for patients from Rothschild, Wausau, and Schofield. Seeing the dentist is the best way to get the most of your dental benefits. 

It’s also easier to schedule appointments at the end of the year due to school holidays and vacation days. Prepare for the sweet treats of the winter holidays be scheduling a preventive care appointment at our office. So don’t miss out. If you don’t use your dental benefits, you’ll lose them! 

Note: Dental insurance plans vary. Consult with your insurer to make sure you understand your coverage before scheduling any dental appointments. 

Get Your Second Covered Teeth Cleaning & Oral Exam of the Year

If you have dental benefits, chances are that your plan covers at least two dental exams and teeth cleanings per year at no charge to you. So, if you haven’t yet scheduled a second preventive appointment this year, it’s a good idea to take advantage of this by scheduling before the New Year.

In addition, most dental plans also cover a set of oral x-rays once per year, so Dr. Skutak can look for any potential hidden issues with your smile, and ensure that your teeth are totally healthy.

Make The Most of Your Deductible & Annual Maximum

The best way to get the dental care you need for less is by taking advantage of your plan’s deductible and annual maximum. Each dental plan has a deductible. This is the amount of money you must spend out-of-pocket before your plan covers the cost of treatment. 

For example, if your deductible is $250, once you’ve paid $250 toward your dental care, your insurance plan will cover the rest of your dental treatment for the year until you reach your annual maximum, which is usually between $1,000-$1,500.

By getting dental work like fillings, periodontal care, and other treatments all at once before the end of the year, you can make sure you hit your deductible, and use up your annual maximum, which saves you money.

Flexible Scheduling to Keep Your Family’s Smiles Healthy! 

We offer flexible scheduling so that you can get appointments for you and your kids during school vacations and during your time off during the holidays – you won’t have to take your kids out of school to see the dentist, or miss any work! 

Seeing Dr. Skutak before the end of the year is a great way to make sure your smiles are healthy before you indulge in sweet treats like candy, cake, pie, and more during the holidays.

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