The Common Thread Between Gum Disease & Heart Disease

It may surprise you to find out that gum health and heart health are linked, but it’s true! And in this blog from Skutak Dental, we’ll discuss the common thread between gum disease and heart disease to help you understand more about why your gum health is so important. 

Inflammation From Gum Disease Can Increase Your Risk Of Heart Disease 

A 2010 systematic review of available studies and literature on the link between heart disease and gum disease came up with a striking result. There is a strong correlation between gum disease (periodontitis), and heart disease. Those who had gum disease were 20% more likely to have heart issues compared to the general population.

The primary culprit behind this is inflammation. Your gums are full of tiny blood vessels and capillaries, and if your gums are infected, the bacteria causing inflammation may be able to spread throughout your body. 

This, in turn, can cause “atherosclerosis,” a serious condition that causes the arteries to harden, raising the risk of future cardiovascular issues like heart attacks. If you have gum disease and don’t get proper periodontal care from Dr. Lisa Skutak, your risk of heart problems may be much higher, so schedule an appointment right away if you think you have gum disease.

Lifestyle Factors Related To Gum Disease Can Also Lead To Heart Issues

Not only does gum disease lead directly to heart disease in some cases, but many lifestyle factors that raise your risk of gum disease also can contribute to heart problems. These include:

  • Diabetes – Due to difficulties managing blood sugar, people with diabetes are much more likely to have gum disease, and uncontrolled high blood sugar can also damage blood vessels and nerves in the heart.

  • Poor diet – Diet is a major factor in heart disease, and a diet high in fatty, sugary, and processed foods can lead to heart issues like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as a higher risk of gum disease.

  • Tobacco use – Tobacco use of any kind, including both smoking and oral tobacco like chewing tobacco, impairs your oral health and also can permanently damage blood vessels throughout your body, including your heart.

  • Excessive alcohol consumption – Excessive use of alcohol can contribute to a risk of gum infections, and is known to cause heart issues like high blood pressure.

  • Excess weight & obesity – Periodontal disease is more than twice as common in individuals who are obese, and excess weight is a well-known risk factor for heart disease. 

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